Evacuation from Irma to Mexico

This is a video of some footage taken during our evacuation from Irma to Mexico. We motored and motor-sailed for a total of 67 hours nonstop, just Lindsay and me. Having enough fuel was the biggest issue, as we didn’t know how to research the exact location of the Gulf Stream, the Gulf Loop or the Yucatan Current. Heck, I didn’t even know about the Gulf Loop until Lindsay discovered it online. We now we know that we were fighting current almost the entire way.

In this video, I try to show you a couple of tactics for conserving fuel. We ended up making it, of course, but I was unsure for several hours along the journey. Oh, and it’s music is Journey: Cool the Engines. Have fun!

Evacuation from Hurricane Irma

Sorry to post after the fact on something so important as our safety.

On Tuesday, the 6th of September, we evacuated from Key West onboard Makara. We headed to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, which is the first entry point into the country on the Yucatan Peninsula.

We had posted updated on Facebook, which broadcast our position as we traveled across the Gulf Stream.

We are safe and sound in Isla Mujeres, and well rested after driving our boat for 67 hours straight. Lindsay and I did 4 hours shifts the entire way without stopping. We motored almost the entire way, using 98 gallons of diesel.

Here is the link to our Facebook page that has updates along our journey.

Repairing the Rudder: Part Two

Part one showed you how we removed the rudder from the catamaran while the boat was still in the water.
Now it is time to open it up and see what’s broken inside.

This video will describe how to cut open a rudder in a way that makes it easy to put back together again. It will also show you the repairs made to the metal parts and a couple of cool materials that I used to make it stronger than before.

Join us in Scotland next summer – 2018

The most authentic experience for visiting the west coast of Scotland.

Western Scotland Private Sailing Chater

About a year from now, we will have sailed across the Atlantic to the Azores. The final destination is the Isle of Arran, Firth of Clyde, Western Scotland. Often called ‘Scotland in Miniature’ , Arran has many of the best elements of Scotland: beaches, mountains, castles, golf courses, not to mention a whisky distillery and a brewery! 

And this is were Lindsay’s relatives live, and we’d really love for you to meet them.

Lindsay and Margie, Isle of Arran, May 12, 2017

This is a picture of Lindsay and her second cousin Margie. Margie has three sons that still live and work on the island. Come witness the island life in Western Scotland. Try your best to understand every word they say. Catch yourself just gazing off into the beautiful vistas that surround you.

Please consider this opportunity of a lifetime and fly to Scotland to join us. Jump on a train from Glasgow, and a ferry from the mainland to meet us on the beautiful island of Arran. It is the gateway to the Islands of the Firth of Clyde and the Southern Hebrides. 

We’d love to have you enjoy all or just part of your Scottish holiday.

See more pictures from Arran and read more about it here: