Sail across the ocean with us

Are you seeking some adventure in your life? You’d better hurry up and seriously consider this opportunity before it’s gone. Lindsay has already booked some of the legs of our Trans-Atlantic crossing this spring!

After two years of continuous upgrading (called refitting) and purchasing of new safety equipment, we are now on schedule to cross the Atlantic Ocean in May and June of this year. We are joining the ARC Europe Rally for safety and comradery in the anchorages along the way. We are only asking for a “cost share” on the crossings.

So far we have a couple of people that have committed to two different legs of the crossing. You could go all the way across the ocean, or just a part of it.

If you are considering taking a trip-of-a-lifetime, click on the link to our website below for locations and dates, then get in touch with us for special rates. Discounts for experienced sailors!

A Luxury Sailing Catamaran Chartering in Adventurous Places

The fastest way to scuba dive the Dry Tortugas National Park

Skip the twelve hours of sailing in both directions from Key West to the Dry Tortugas National Park. Choose this add-on product, in addition to any of our liveboard charters from one to seven days. Purchase your ferry tickets and enjoy the 2.5 hour ride to Fort Jefferson.

We will sail the boat the day before and meet you there with eight full tanks of air and a Bauer JRII compressor. Using this compressor, three divers and a guide may dive two tanks up to twice per day in the Dry Tortugas National Park with us!

Dry Tortugas Express Option

Join us in Scotland next summer – 2018

The most authentic experience for visiting the west coast of Scotland.

Western Scotland Private Sailing Chater

About a year from now, we will have sailed across the Atlantic to the Azores. The final destination is the Isle of Arran, Firth of Clyde, Western Scotland. Often called ‘Scotland in Miniature’ , Arran has many of the best elements of Scotland: beaches, mountains, castles, golf courses, not to mention a whisky distillery and a brewery! 

And this is were Lindsay’s relatives live, and we’d really love for you to meet them.

Lindsay and Margie, Isle of Arran, May 12, 2017

This is a picture of Lindsay and her second cousin Margie. Margie has three sons that still live and work on the island. Come witness the island life in Western Scotland. Try your best to understand every word they say. Catch yourself just gazing off into the beautiful vistas that surround you.

Please consider this opportunity of a lifetime and fly to Scotland to join us. Jump on a train from Glasgow, and a ferry from the mainland to meet us on the beautiful island of Arran. It is the gateway to the Islands of the Firth of Clyde and the Southern Hebrides. 

We’d love to have you enjoy all or just part of your Scottish holiday.

See more pictures from Arran and read more about it here:

Cool aerial videos of Makara

We just recently had a family aboard on charter. They had a 14-year-old son with a brand new toy. A drone with a video camera attached to it. He was kind enough to allow us to have some of the footage. We have updated our webpage “About the boat” to include four cool videos of Makara and the reef in Key West. Here’s a sample.

Sail the Bahamas in February 2016

2003 Leopard 47 hull

Bahamas 7 Day Abacos Yachting Itineraries – Join Us For Our First Adventure!

With its own calm sea surrounded by charming islands, each worth a visit, the Abaco Islands are known as one of the worlds top boating and sailing destinations. With quaint colonial towns, two golf courses, miles and miles of stellar beach, great fishing and diving and a wonderful selection of restaurants and bars, the Abacos are the most complete vacation destination in the Bahamas out islands.

The Abacos is a 120-mile-long island chain, basically a mini-Bahamas complete with its own out islands. Great Abaco Island and Little Abaco serve as the “mainland,” with a string of barrier islands separating them from the Atlantic. The body of water between – a turquoise Nirvana for boaters and sailors – is the calm, shallow Sea of Abaco.

Lindsay and I know that many of you need time to plan your holidays, so we are offering a charter opportunity for you before we have actually purchased the boat. We are on course for purchasing a charter-ready Leopard 48 in November, and living aboard it in Key West, FL. While living there during December and January, we will be adding some toys and equipment for offshore cruising. Sail the Bahamas with us on our first adventure aboard the catamaran!