The Land of Finn McCool

Sadly we couldn’t stay on the Isle of Arran forever, but we would have if we could!!!

So on a day sail through the Sanda Island races, across the shipping channels, around Rathlin Island and around the headland, we sailed in and anchored in the Bay of Portballintrae.

After a pleasant night on the anchor, time to go visit the giant!

Coming into Portballintrae

Spectacular views on the coastal walk

Makara looking good on anchor

The Giant’s home

Th Giant’s Causeway

And after a walk and some fun geology… Whiskey!!

Old mill on the Bush River.

Close Quarters at Safe Harbour, Key West

This is a short music video showing my neighbor and his big jet boat. Dave has been refitting MV Boundless. This video shows Dave testing his new docking control system, based on a joystick control. I think he does pretty well after the second try! I’m glad Lindsay and I were there to “fend off” his vessel. In all fairness, when you see this video, Dave would not have gotten so close to my boat if Lindsay and I were not on deck to protect her. This is a fun video using Jimmy Buffett music as any Key Wester would prefer.

The Future of Communication

We just received a satellite phone. It’s called the Iridium Go!, and it’s perfect for what we are doing. It’s a satellite router, essentially, that transmits a satellite connection via wifi to our smart phones, tablets and laptop computers. We pay $130 a month for unlimited data and 150 minutes of talk time.

Right now, the old satellites that orbit the Earth have very slow transmission rates, very slow and we must use special apps that send and receive tiny files of less than 10k. It will do for us for now to get updated weather files, send text or even update Twitter and Facebook with a small picture while at sea. However, SpaceX and Iridium are half way to launching the Iridium Next network of satellites with eventual speeds promised of over 1Mb. We will no longer need cellular phone towers in wide open spaces, just for inbetween buildings where we don’t have a clear view of the sky.

It’s the future of communication.

Click the link below and bookmark our webpage to be a part of it with us.

Current Location

Sail across the ocean with us

Are you seeking some adventure in your life? You’d better hurry up and seriously consider this opportunity before it’s gone. Lindsay has already booked some of the legs of our Trans-Atlantic crossing this spring!

After two years of continuous upgrading (called refitting) and purchasing of new safety equipment, we are now on schedule to cross the Atlantic Ocean in May and June of this year. We are joining the ARC Europe Rally for safety and comradery in the anchorages along the way. We are only asking for a “cost share” on the crossings.

So far we have a couple of people that have committed to two different legs of the crossing. You could go all the way across the ocean, or just a part of it.

If you are considering taking a trip-of-a-lifetime, click on the link to our website below for locations and dates, then get in touch with us for special rates. Discounts for experienced sailors!

A Luxury Sailing Catamaran Chartering in Adventurous Places

How to charter us for as little as $92 each per day!

A Luxury Sailing Catamaran Chartering in Adventurous Places


Read these 5 steps first.

  1. Click the link above and read the Future Locations page on our World Sailing Adventures website.
  2. Choose your type of charter based on your comfort level.
  3. Look at the sidebar menu of locations that have your comfort level and pick one that you’d like to visit. Read that page, too.
  4. Open our calendar and see the exact dates we plan to be there and research your airfare costs.
  5. Use our contact us form to request more information.


Evacuation from Irma to Mexico

This is a video of some footage taken during our evacuation from Irma to Mexico. We motored and motor-sailed for a total of 67 hours nonstop, just Lindsay and me. Having enough fuel was the biggest issue, as we didn’t know how to research the exact location of the Gulf Stream, the Gulf Loop or the Yucatan Current. Heck, I didn’t even know about the Gulf Loop until Lindsay discovered it online. We now we know that we were fighting current almost the entire way.

In this video, I try to show you a couple of tactics for conserving fuel. We ended up making it, of course, but I was unsure for several hours along the journey. Oh, and it’s music is Journey: Cool the Engines. Have fun!

Evacuation from Hurricane Irma

Sorry to post after the fact on something so important as our safety.

On Tuesday, the 6th of September, we evacuated from Key West onboard Makara. We headed to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, which is the first entry point into the country on the Yucatan Peninsula.

We had posted updated on Facebook, which broadcast our position as we traveled across the Gulf Stream.

We are safe and sound in Isla Mujeres, and well rested after driving our boat for 67 hours straight. Lindsay and I did 4 hours shifts the entire way without stopping. We motored almost the entire way, using 98 gallons of diesel.

Here is the link to our Facebook page that has updates along our journey.

Repairing the Rudder: Part Two

Part one showed you how we removed the rudder from the catamaran while the boat was still in the water.
Now it is time to open it up and see what’s broken inside.

This video will describe how to cut open a rudder in a way that makes it easy to put back together again. It will also show you the repairs made to the metal parts and a couple of cool materials that I used to make it stronger than before.