Scotland and Ireland Summer 2017

From Portsmouth, England we will make our way north right away to enjoy the summer season in the Hebrides.  The west coast of Scotland offers some of the best cruising anywhere in the world.  The weather is not always perfect, but the sense of exploration, the scenery and wildlife more than compensate. 

Scotland views

Maybe we will scuba dive for seafood a few times, but mostly we will be enjoying the cetaceans on the surface. The islands provide diverse habitats for a range of wildlife, including basking sharks, dolphins and porpoises, seals, ospreys and sea otters. The range of sea birds is particularly impressive.

Common seal (Phoca vitulina) surfacing in sea off Scottish west coast.
Common seal (Phoca vitulina) surfacing in sea off Scottish west coast.

Many days will be spent hill walking , taking pictures of castles and looking for Highland Cows (Cooos).


The region is famous for seafood and venison as well as whisky. We will be sure to investigate what the local shop, fishing boat or pub has to offer, whether eating aboard or ashore.

whisky in a pub in skye

If you like social gatherings and meeting new people, we can offer a charter that joins the World Cruising Club’s Rally. Sailors have great stories and love to share their experiences with others. See the attached itinerary.

ARC Malt Cruise Itinerary

ARC Malts cruise

In September, we will slowly make our way south with lots of day sailing and pub touring along the east coast of Ireland. You know what that means, pints of Guinness for everyone!


Makara will be open for charter trips on a limited basis.

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