S/V Ocean Dreams is aground……okay let’s bongo.

We were moored up for the night at Queens Caye, with a squall coming through. While we were enjoying dinner on board Stess, in passing, JR questioned whether our sister boat, Ocean Dreams, was moving. I calmly replied that it just looked that way, but it was just all the movement of the waves and turning on the mooring. But JR became progressively more insistent, until it became, “Missy!! That boat is moving!!!” As Tadd rushed over to hail them on the radio, it jumped to life with Capt. Nick’s voice… “Stess, Stess, Stess… this is Ocean Dreams.”

It turned out that, while dealing with a bunch of seasick guests and trying to serve dinner to those people not suffering, OD was bouncing around in the big waves out on an outer mooring. With everything going on they didn’t notice when the mooring line gave out from the sea floor and they began drifting. Sadly, they were close to a piece of reef and were on top of it before they knew it… bang!!! The sound of it apparently reverberated throughout the yacht.



The pictures are out of order, sorry about that. Here are our guests for the week, after we transferred the guests of Ocean Dreams on board and returned them to shore.

adam duncan tom bongo adam SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA capt lindsay coconut bowling Dolphin Dolphins SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA duncan in towel exercise on bow JR looking at dolphins Me & Tom Me driving back me mustache behind glass percussion sunset Tadd & Me Tadd at Stess Helm tadd bongo boy SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Now here are pictures of “the rescued” on the morning after…….

the aftermath 2 the aftermath 3 the aftermath 4 the aftermath 5 the aftermath 6 the aftermath

Our guests made everyone feel welcome, helped them dry off and cheered them up!

the boys 2 The boys The whole crowd 2 The whole crowd Tom & duncan 2 tom & duncan tom in diving gear tom jim adam


What an adventure we had together.

30 no more…..what is a rumfish?

Another group… another charter… but not quite the same… Tadd turned 40 and got to be king for a day!!!
King for the day

We had a fun crowd…
Tadd sports his epaulettes
Tadd sports his epaulettes

and Brian caught his fish!

Tadd caught a few too!
Tadd's first tuna
Hey, that’s a tuna.
This is how Tadd humanly kills the fish, with RUM.
This is how Tadd humanly kills the fish, with RUM.
Rum-flavored sushi?
Rum-flavored sushi?
Jeff and Kim on the bow.
Jeff and kim on bow
Megna enjoyed the local beer, Belikin.
We enjoyed a great night out on Hunting Cay at Reef Conservation International celebrating Tadd’s last night of being 39. Jeff and Kim, Tadd and Lindsay, Megna and Brian, Bob and Leslie Berlan.
last night at 39
We had so much fun it took a 40-yr-old Tadd the whole day to recover… but he made it to cocktail hour again!!
drinks on the beach
We tried out a little coconut bowling… but we had to rethink the beer bottle pins after Kim literally had a crashing strike!
And as always, another amazing sunset!
sunset 2
And even though we weren’t up for much drinking, Polly @ ReefCI.com was nice enough to arrange a bonfire for the night.
The perfect end to the week with a dinner at Rumfish
dinner at rumfish