2015 ARC Europe – Post 2

Almost to Bermuda

On the 9th of May, 2015, 51 boats were off to a breezy start of about 16 knots, gusting to 19 knots in Nanny Cay, Tortola for ARC Europe & ARC USA 2015 rallies. As the horn sounded at 12 noon, first to cross the line were ‘Rhea’, with a sneaky move around the buoy marker, followed closely by ‘Doppelbock’ in second and ‘Mahe 3’ in third. Six of the ARC USA boats decided to get underway early to make their way to Florida. In the multi-hull division, at a later start of 1210pm saw ‘Mantra 2’ cross the line first followed by ‘GEM’ in second and ‘Intrepid Elk’ in third.


ARC Europe Leopard 38

Now, three days later, I’m watching “Widago” take 5th place out of 51 boats. She is sailing on a beam reach, which is probably a very fast point of sail for her. “Widago” is a Leopard 48, one of the few catamaran models that we are considering to purchase at the end of this hurricane season, which is around mid-November. I’m very pleased about the idea of cruising at almost 9 knots, which would be about three times faster than our old boat “Third Aye.”

When will they finish this leg to Bermuda? Well let’s do a little math for “Widago”.  Speed = Distance / Time. Therefore, Time = Distance / Speed.

DTF (Distance to finish) = 212.1 NM and Speed =8.7 knots (NM/hour). Therefore, Time to finish is 212.1 / 8.7 = 24 hours.

I wonder how “Widago” will do on the trip across the ocean, which is typically a downwind route.

There are only six boats that will be leaving from Portsmouth, VA today. They are joining the 51 other in Bermuda, before heading across the ocean together, bound for the Azores and beyond. Their start was delayed by Tropical Storm Ana.

Lindsay and I plan to join them next year.