2015 ARC Europe

Now that the 2014-2015 cruising season is ending, the chances of a hurricane forming in the South Atlantic are increasing. It’s time for the sailboat cruisers to head to safer waters. Most of them head north to the USA or travel across the north Atlantic towards Europe. Many of them head for the dreamy cruising waters of the Mediterranean. Who can blame them?
ARC Europe Route


As I posted last year when the sailboats were leaving Europe, the World Cruising Club organized them and provided safety information in an event known as the ARC, or Atlantic Rally for Cruisers.

For the route leaving the Caribbean and the east coast of the USA, it’s called the ARC Europe.

As the World Cruising Club states:

ARC Europe is the west-to-east Atlantic rally, sailing from the Caribbean or North America to Europe.  Starting from Nanny Cay Marina on Tortola British Virgin Islands or Ocean Marine Yacht Centre in Portsmouth Virginia, the two fleets rendezvous in St George’s, Bermuda before crossing the Atlantic to the Azores.

After cruising the Azorean archipelago, boats sail to Marina de Lagos in southern Portugal, or sail independently to northern Europe.

In every port there will be social activities, plus tours ashore in the Azores.

Here is the schedule:

2015 ARC Europe schedule

As you can see, they start tomorrow. I wish them all the best of luck and perhaps I will post again about specific boats in the rally.

Lindsay and I are still learning about preferred routes and seasons. We have a pretty good idea about where to be for the best sailing, but having the World Cruising Club organize the whole thing is much preferred for our first time across. We intend to use this route next year.