Belly Say (Belize)

We left Mexico behind and, finally, just a day sail away, we reached Ambergris Cay in northern Belize. The Mexican pronunciation is “belly say”.  The local expats say “buh-leeze”.

Moon over Belize

The Rauscher’s sailing guide book predicted another tricky entrance through the reef, but this time we had another ace in our pockets. My mad, Scottish friend Dave, who I met during my adventures down in Ecuador, had been living down in Ambergris for a couple of years and was part owner of the local water taxi company, Island Ferry, so he had offered to send a boat out to guide us in. Awfully handy – the next thing we knew we were anchored off the island and prepping to head in and deal with customs and immigration.

Tragically the officials were moving offices and didn’t seem to have the new one set up yet and so had taken the Friday afternoon off… so there was nothing left for us to do, but head to the closest bar and catch up with Dave and Corinne.

Tadd and Lindsay in cart

The next week basically involved more of the above… hanging out… drinking beer and rum (Arrrrrr!) … we finally got our papers sorted after being in the country almost 4 days… talking to the local charter company (no luck with work as we’re not Belizian)… checking out dive companies to see if we wanted to do out divemasters…. And helping out Dave, Corinne, Sterling and Isobel with their yard sale… as everyone was heading off!!

Tadd in Pirate Pizza

Yup, we finally get here and Dave and Corinne had decided to move on after 2 years here… aw well, just in the nick of time!
So just before everyone disappeared north… we had the pleasure of attending Sterling and Isobel’s wedding and the drunkenness that followed… not to mention the first crazy, high-speed golf cart ride through San Pedro.

Sterling and wife
The Happy Couple

… Welcome to the cays!