Can You Say Chill ?

We’ve been in Placencia for a few days now… wow… make that 4 days!!

Lindsay's fender
Not quite what we’d planned… but there must have been something about this sleepy little place that has sucked us in. We stopped by to check out the local charter companies for the chance of work… but we pretty much did that last Friday.

Placencia shop
Maybe it has something to do with discovering the funny little Seranade Bar and Hotel with it’s cheap happy hour and funny Ruddy the singer who entertained us and our new-found friends on Thursday? Or maybe it has to do with being a little hungover on Friday when we started our jobsearch? Actually I think it has something to do with the presence (previously mostly unseen) of the rainy season. Oh… and the lack of wind that seemed to accompany the rain clouds.

And then, just when we were definitely leaving the prospect of a potential job, and knowing that as much fun as checking out Monkey River Town and it’s river full of wildlife, it would leave us without internet, and therefore communication to most of the world.

So, one day turned into another, and then yet another… with it’s tie to the internet cafés in this, to be honest, overly chill town filled with glazed-eye rastas and crazy ladies trying to sell you the worst coconut macaroons ever, not to mention the fact that, presumably due to the lack of tourists, most things are closed or only open sporadically on their own, mysterious and indecipherable schedule!

So… ok… one more day spending money on the internet for the sake of gainful employment….. JUST ONE MORE!

Third Aye on cloudy anchor