The Nature is in the Details

The Smoky Mountains National Park is big. Very big. Half a MILLION ACRES big. 

I don’t know about you, but I have trouble conceiving that. When I gaze 70 miles across the forest, it seems unreal. The details are lost in the vastness. 

When I look at something closely, I see and feel it in a way I can understand. For example, I saw this and just had to take a picture. 

When most people only take this type of picture, which is also good, but it’s not very creative. 

Just like when I took up underwater photography, I take pictures to see more. More color, more texture and more of the unseen detail versus what is seen with just the naked eye. 

I’m going to share a bunch of pictures that Lindsay and I took. 

Get a closer look. Enjoy the nature in the details. 

Photo of the Day: Good Times in Key West

Tadd & Lindsay at sunset

Although we generally avoid the touristy side of Key West, there’s nothing like a good sunset from Sunset Pier. The coolest thing was when I noticed that the hotel’s lighting was offering some nice, warm, subtle illumination, so I set up the picture to take advantage of the chance to light us up, while still catching the last of the sunset in the background.

Photo of the Day: The Local Wildlife Part 1

Flamingos in Key WestEvery once in a while we decide to go play tourist in Key West, typically when friends come to visit, or if we manage to catch a “locals day” at one of the attractions (when we get to go for free!). We enjoyed the Butterfly Conservatory here in Key West once before just before sailing away to Mexico in 2009, and thought it was time to check it out again. All the vibrant, fluttering butterflies are really amazing, but what was most impressive this visit were the pair of stunning flamingos. The male was very much intent on wooing his lady!