Champagne for all

Lindsay and I took out Stess and six guests for a charter during the New Years week. It was a mixed bag of guests and emotions as well. Two of our guests had a request for more champagne, so our manager, Melissa, sold them eight bottles. They were excited, and quite generous. They set a new record for us, and stayed up almost till midnight drinking wine on the first night aboard. (My oh my).
The Monohans

The Monahans

Four of our guests had been looking forward to their trip in Belize for almost a year. We had an absolute blast out there despite the occasional rain shower. We had some beautiful snorkeling areas where the sun came out just for us. I learned a new rum punch recipe and built a new playlist on my Ipod from the songs our guests chose.

We snorkeled on a shipwreck, miles offshore.
shipwreck in Sapodillas, Belize

We all donned party hats, poured the champagne and picked up kazoos to celebrate New Year’s Day for London at five o’clock, and again in about four other time zones. (dear oh dear) At midnight, we had a front row seat near Hunting Cay for their fireworks display. The next day, as we returned to the dock in Placencia, the party hats were back on and the kazoos were blasting away to annoy all present. They set a new record of five cases of Belikin beer downed by Friday afternoon! Priceless.
Monohan's bottles

Having too much fun?? Never!
Tadd on Stess

p.s. AND! The guests were so nice they gave me my very own island for the new year!! Linz Cay!! Not too shabby – check it out! Great snorkeling and a small lean-to… if anyone wants to come and stay!

Linz Cay