Comfort on Board

Third Aye refit 07Third Aye is a 30 foot 1975 Irwin… a good ol’ ‘Merican sailboat that came out of the era of many great sailboats designed in the US before the luxury taxation on yachts by the Carter administration basically put an end to the industry.

30 feet might sound like a good sized boat… and it really is… but can also offer a bit of a challenge when it comes to two people packing up their land-based lives and trying to fit everything onto the boat. This is not so hard when you have a very handy person like Tadd on board, who can build just about anything, given the tools, and more importantly can create a system of shelves and cubby holes enough for all our stuff and more.

Third Aye refit 20As for our own comfort… well I think that’s something we’ll be tweaking and playing with for a while… our bed in the v-berth has certainly evolved several times and may still continue to. We started out with the original foam cushions that came with the boat… we then added a pillowtop… then a memory foam pad… and finally a fantastic Froli system (they make them specially for v-shaped boat berths!)… so as a whole we’re damn comfortable… the only thing lacking is the air conditioning… so when the wind dies, it’s hammocks in the cockpit!