Corn, Cows and a Wind Turbine

We regret that we didn’t take a picture with our hosts, John and Connie Greig of Estherville, Iowa. Lindsay took Connie on her first open water diving experience in Puerto Morelos, Mexico a few years ago, and she has been coming back every year to dive with Lindsay. As usual, we kept our promise to visit friends whenever we pass by. We did take a few snapshots of our visit with some of the cattle.

Estherville, IA Petting Cows

This is Cootie, she was bottle fed as a calf. Just so you know, they don’t normally allow people to touch them.

Estherville, IA Petting Cows w: Joe

Their son, John Greig, took us out to get up close and personal with her. Notice how all of the other cows stood by and watched curiously. John and his brother are third generation cattlemen on the family farm. Funny thing is that Joe wore his old PADI scuba diving hat this day. Most all of their family are extensive travelers and divers!

Estherville, IA Petting cows Lindsay

This is Sophie. She was an orphan and also bottle-fed. She is about 10 years old and very jealous of her people. She wouldn’t let any other of the cows come close to us! Cootie is there on the right and tried to get back into the petting action, but didn’t manage to challenge Sophie.

Estherville, IA Lindsay & John on Gator

John and Lindsay rode one of the John Deere “Gators”, while Joe and I rode in another.

Estherville, IA fixing Wind Turbine

This is a 10-year-old wind turbine that was installed on the corner of the Greig’s property by a local community college as part of a unique degree program. It needed maintenance, so a major operation that took several days was underway. I was lucky enough to witness the raising of the blades with John. I have some fast-motion video of it going up.

Between wonderful meals and a couple of restful nights in a real bedroom, with the help of John we made plans to see as much of South Dakota and Wyoming as we could fit in before we are scheduled to arrive in Albuquerque, New Mexico for the Balloon Fiesta. Thanks for your hospitality Greigs!

Next stop is the Badlands in South Dakota!