Cruising with the Peters

One family cruise led to another, and the next trip out we had the Peters family join us for a rather cool and rainy trip… but we still managed to have some fun!

We got in plenty of fishing…

Mike Peters big fishMike catches a whopper!

and some hardcore sailing in the rough seas…
Don Peters at helm

Don at the Helm

S/V Stess in strong wind

And there was even a day we just kept sailing south in hopes of finding shelter at Tom Owens Cays… but not before the passing waves did their best to try and break every wine glass in the boat!!

but we still got Dave, Candy, Mike, Don… and even Jean into the water for some fantastic snorkeling!

And when things got really crappy we began the Taboo tournament!! So now there is the Peters’ Challenge… can you get more than 8!!?? I’m not sure it can be done!