Day 1: Sailing from Boston to Key West

Before we started sailing south, we had to deal with Tropical Storm force winds from Hurricane Dorian. The best plan of action was, and always will be, to sail away from it’s path well before it arrives. Duh.

Since we already had plans to watch the Red Sox play the Yankees, we took Makara to Boston instead of the fast ferry service. We had a great time watching the Red Sox win. Here’s a fun moment from the park. Notice the gigantic red headed English men that had the seat in front of us. We couldn’t see first or second base from behind their massive heads. Oh, and they preferred standing a lot, so we had to shift around between vacant seats several times to get this view. First world problem.

With the tides in our favor, we sail away from Boston and start our journey back to Key West. Back to our friends. Back home.

I almost forgot to tell you something.