Day 11: Sailing from Boston to Key West

Ellis Island to Barnaget Light (Inlet)

The tide was running in our favor today, which was no accident.

The next day, it was too windy from the south, the direction we want to go. We went ashore after lunch, unfolded our bikes, pedaled to the lighthouse and climbed to the top. This is a view to the northeast of Barnegat Inlet from the top of Barnegat Lighthouse in the town of Barnegat Light.

Back to today…..Now that we are clear of the shallow areas of the very wide inlet, we can turn to port towards Barnaget Light.

We followed the daymarks and buoys, as well as our previous track on the chart plotter from the trip up this spring. That’s Makara to the right of center, just below the tree line. This is a view to the southwest from on top of Barnegat Lighthouse.

We then got more excercise riding our folding bikes into the wind and over to have a look at our boat from the shoreline.

Then we played miniature golf, which is always a good idea. Lindsay got a hole in one on the first video I took on the course. We both didn’t realize it until after I stopped recording. Watch the ball get stuck against the flagpole. Good times.