Day 2 and 3: Boston to Key West

Mashnee Island, Hospital Cove, Hadley Harbor (Buzzard’s Bay), Wood’s Hole Passage and Nantucket!

Yesterday we drove from our anchorage near Mashnee Island to Hospital Cove for lunch. We set the anchor, lowered the dinghy and went ashore to visit our friends from Puerto Morelos, Dom and Linda. We stayed as long as we could, until 5pm, before saying our goodbyes and motoring down Buzzard’s Bay. We chose Handley Harbor, which is a sweet little anchorage right next to the Wood’s Hole Passage, as our anchorage for the night. 

We departed around 8 am with a slight push of current through the Wood’s Hole Passage.

We noticed a ketch-rigged sailboat motoring fast in the same direction as us so I decided to follow it up through the north channel and take some video. I took my eyes off the chart for just a few seconds and then…. it got a little weird.

There are two ways to go through the passage and the boat ahead of us got confused, missed a mark and turned sharply into the shallows on the wrong side of the marker. I didn’t know what they were avoiding so I decided to turn right as well, but on the correct side of the marker. All was fine but it was very confusing. If the tide was running strongly, they might have gone aground making a move like they did. Check out this video, and you can see how limited our vision can be at times.

We motored in the calm waters past Martha’s Vineyard while avoiding all of the fast ferries by staying on the fringes of the marked channels.

We dropped our anchor in the same spot as the last time we were here, several weeks ago. Today was an easy day, and the next couple will be a lot of fun exploring Nantucket Island, aka ACK.