Day 4 and 5: Sailing from Boston to Key West

Nantucket Island to Cuttyhunk to Newport

We really enjoyed getting off the boat and exploring Nantucket with our friend. She is a business person and has highly encouraged us to move our Cape Cod charter base to Nantucket Island for 2020. Right now that’s the plan but we need to continue down the coast to get back to Key West by mid-November.

Our departure from Nantucket (aka ACK) was on Friday the 13th of November on a full moon, on the Harvest Moon. We planned the tides to give us a push through some narrow channels. There are up to 4 knots of current in this area. It’s just good seamanship to estimate where the boat will be and the direction of currents when you will be there, all along the route.

We sailed between Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard and took the southern route. This is a picture of the south shore of The Vineyard.

Gay Head Light, Squibnocket…. Menemsha! So fun to read the charts up here.

The Elizabeth Islands are in our sites for cruising anchorages next summer. It reminds Lindsay of the Scottish Isles.

Your obligatory sunset picture of our anchorage at Cuttyhunk.

The forecast was wrong again for today. The models get the direction right, the timing is okay for the next 24 hours but forget it after that and we must now take the “gust” number as what’s steady wind and add 10 for what we can see as a gust. So, for example if the forecast says 10-20 gusting 22 knots from the South. We look at it and say, okay 22 gusting to 32 knots. That’s what it is right now. The waves are behind us so it’s fine, but still. Shit forecast, again.

Then the waves got bigger and we started having some fun!

Lindsay asked me “How could you forget to mention Squibnocket in your video?”

It was very “wavey and busy” coming into Newport on the same day as the boat show.

Big hotels and mansions lined the shore.

Lots of big boats passing by.

After we tried to set the hook in the crowded anchorage, we drug it while testing the bottom. Tadd gave up and found a mooring by using the very busy VHF radio. We are safe and sound and this is our view of town.