Day Fourteen: Key West to Provincetown

Last night the horse flies were so aggressive they were slamming into the window lights trying to get inside and BITE US. They drew blood when they did. They were so fast I couldn’t get a picture of a live one before they were at my ankles so here’s a picture of one of the DOZENS we killed.

Leftover tools from 10pm last night when the generator quit running. Watch the video to find out what happened.

So we have anchored near Southport, NC but we would have preferred a marina. There are thunderstorms all around and up to 50 mph wind warnings tonight. We called all three marinas but unfortunately they don’t have room for us. That happens to us quite a bit because we don’t fit in a regular monohull slip. Typically we get put on the “T” or the end of a pier and stick out in the channel because our boat is 24 feet wide. But that’s one of the costs of owning a catamaran!