Day Two: Key West to Provincetown

With our hands starting to heal but still kind of “puffy” from the barnacle busting, we will go as far as we can towards Miami. As of now, at 08:30 EDT, we are motor-sailing with one reef in the main. There are rain showers in the distance and we don’t want to have to reduce sail in a hurry, so we will just keep the reef in all day.

It’s very warm today, 81F / 27C. Many boats are transiting along the Keys today, maybe because it’s Sunday but definitely because the hurricane season is coming.

As we continue up Hawks Channel the Florida Keys turn to the left so the prevailing easterly wind comes more from the right, or starboard side. We unfurled the jib at noon today, and we are motorsailing at over 7 knots!

As we pass Tavernier and approach Key Largo, I’m reminded of how much I love the Keys and sailing “inside the reef.” We can go so much faster when there are small waves.

We will miss the safe, relaxing feeling we get from the protection of the barrier reef. I will miss the various shades of green water and the way the clouds make it turn so dark. Key West has been good to us and we are leaving some good friends behind as well.

With Miami in sight but not enough daylight to get there, we dropped the anchor in 12ft of sand. We are wide open exposed to the waves but they aren’t very big so we are calling it a day. 82 nm travelled in 12.5 hrs is 6.6 knots, we even shut the engines off for a few hours!