Everglades Fan Boat Tour Video

We started our tour by meeting our operator, “Everglades River of Grass Adventures” at a gas station with a wonderous selection of tourist crap, random weaponry, live bait and redneck costumes. It was awesome.

Nothing says “I’ve been to the Everglades” like a ceramic alligator toilet paper roll holder.
The shelves were packed with valuable keepsakes with the words “Florida Everglades” stamped in black paint.
Like school in the summertime…. NO CLASS……………….Anti-theft tags, really?
The one with the brass knuckles, now THAT’S for fighting gators, right?
You can get a nice necklace OR a real gator head for your loved one, or both. Obviously those two things need to be displayed together. Oh, wait, there’s AMMO? Good, I need some of that, too.
What can I say?
Florida is just plain nuts and I love them, to a point.

Here’s a fun music video I put together of our fan boat ride. By the way, fan boats are really loud and sound awesome, like a Harley with ten thousand bees chasing it.