Headed for Paradise

We woke up early, after a rough night, with two choices… to find a better spot and chill for the day, or head out into the rough, open sea for a couple of hours before reaching the shelter of another Cay… well, as Tadd put it, “it could get worse!”

That clinched it… keep moving! Rough? Yes, a little. But not a bad angle on the waves, so we weren’t shook around too much and the strong winds certainly make some fun sailing. And after all, from what we read in our guidebook, we were headed for paradise! A nice resort, with excellent facilities, amazing diving, kayaking, fishing and snorkeling… and most importantly the quintessential white sand beach, shaded by coconut palms that swish soporifically in the wind. We could spend the night… the next day… and if they had internet…. Perhaps even a couple of days!! It sounded like the perfect place to hang our hammocks and relax.

CRACK! “What was that??!!” I asked. “Just a wave hitting the dinghy,” Tadd replied calmly… “Really? Oh, Ok.” Followed a few moment later by… “oh crap”… not just a wave after all… one of the pulleys holding the dingy off the back of the boat on the davits had gone… luckily we had tied the dinghy securely with several lines to stop it swinging… one of the lines had stopped it dropping all the way to the sea, while the other end was still hoisted high on the back… now that could have been SO MUCH worse…. Feeeewww!!

Back on track until we could see the tiny cay from a long way off… unfortunately the it was almost directly to windward so, a few tacks, and we finally gave in and turned the engine on. It looked so wonderfully enticing!

Glover's Cay
Using our trusty sailing guidebook (I think we’re getting better at reading the hand drawn charts and translating them to what we can actually see!) we made our way through the gap in the reef and wiggled between coral heads and sand banks to get up close to Southeastern Cay of Glover’s Reef.

Glover's building

Awwww… well it still looked like the promised palm-fringed paradise… but a definitively out-of-season paradise…. No umbrella-ed cocktails for us.

Glover's beach
We relaxed with cocktails on Third Aye after anchoring in the wonderfully calm lee of the cay and decided to chill on the boat for the night, leaving the exploring for the following day.


Third Aye on hook and Glover's

The morning was filled with repairs and domestic chores… so after lunch we stuffed books, glasses and hammocks in a dry bag, filled a flask and snorkeled our way to shore. The caretaker came down to say hello and we learned that the owner hadn’t opened the resort for 3 years and was supposedly going to do some rebuilding, but there was no sign of anything happening soon for the imminent Caribbean season…. What a shame… the island already had a slight neglected feel to it.

Tadd on Glover's
In any case, we found a few appropriately shading palm trees and slung our hammocks… a perfect spot! Well… almost… if it weren’t for the sand flies… strangely, they seemed to lose interest in us mostly once we were established in our hammocks, so we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon reading.

Lindsay in hammock at Glover's

Glover's sunrise