Just for fun; a motorcycle, two helmets and a camera

While visiting Lindsay’s friends, Tammie and Paul in Morgan Hill, CA, we were encouraged to borrow Tammie’s motorcycle and go exploring. I thought to myself, “does she really mean that?”
Well, she did. What a wonderful idea. It’s a 2005 Yamaha 750 Silverado V-Star. (It’s for sale if you can handle it! No wait, I wanna buy it…)
Paul provided the very cool riding jacket, so I looked the part, you know!




Now, I have to say that Lindsay and I were a bit nervous at one point. We had just left Paul and Tammie’s neighborhood and got onto Interstate 101. We had to accelerate up to 70 mph just to keep up with traffic. Of course, it seemed like twice as fast.
Luckily, our exit was within a mile or two and we got to slow down and take a look around.


I can see myself getting into this way of life. What a way to travel!
Just like when my roommate Peter said the best way to experience Key West was from a bicycle, I can thoroughly recommend cruising the hills of Northern California on a motorcycle.
We made our way around Anderson Lake and over a bridge.
( 37 09′ 09” N 121 34′ 55” W for you Google Earth fanatics!)


And curled our way up to cooler winds at Henry Coe State Park where there were some hikers making their way back out again to the parking lot.
I got one of the hikers to snap a shot of us. Can you tell I’m having a good time?


This truly is one of the most beautiful areas I have seen in the States! Just imagine this covered in snow!


I guess we’re in the dry season….
Lindsay did a spectacular job of taking pictures, negotiating the turns and making sure I was paying attention to the occasional passing car or hairpin turn!
And even managed to take a shot of herself underway!


So as we made our way back down from where we came, I got a bit more confident.
And being sailors at heart, put the bike in neutral and did lots of coasting on the way down.
I know it seems kind of simple, this afternoon motorcycle trip, but I have to say it has reminded me how much fun I can have on a joyride!
Now I really understand why I’ve seen motorcycles being trailered around in the States!