Scuba in the Maldives – Post 1

Two weeks living aboard MV Stingray, diving three times a day!

After almost two years of planning and promoting, on April 20th 2015 we set sail on the MV Stingray for a 14 night dive safari around some of the most famous dive sites of  the Maldives.

World map of Maldives

Nestled in the Indian Ocean, approximately 400 miles south of the tip of India, the 4,000 tiny islands of the Republic offer some of the most spectacular diving on our planet.

Atoll in Maldives

In addition to Lindsay and I, more than half of the divers on this trip were taking pictures and recording videos. As they all return home and share the media with us, we will pick some of the best images and post short stories about the trip.

Here is one of the short videos I made on day three, when we were diving to depths up to 100 feet in a channel between the Indian Ocean and an atoll. It is a teaser of what the dive sites at the Maldives have to offer, because based on the tidal currents this day, it was less populated than most of the other sites.


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