Scuba in the Maldives – Post 2

Mantis Shrimp Encounter

On day 7, we went diving on several “Thilas”, pronounced “Til’ us”. According to Wikipedia, Thila is a village in west-Central Yemen. In the Maldives, it is slang for the very tall and cylindrical steep-walled underwater coral formations with flat tops a few meters underwater. Just think of the Roadrunner cartoon landscape but with bright corals attached to the sides and tops of the skinny plateaus, surrounded by deep blue water. This video is a combination clips taken of the many corals, fish and creatures we saw during the day’s diving on these formations. The star of the show is the Mantis Shrimp!

Did you know that Mantis Shrimps smash the shells of their prey with club-shaped arms? Reportedly they strike with the force of a bullet! The swing is so fast that water actually cavitates, which means small air bubbles form behind the moving club. Even if they don’t hit their intended target, the bubbles collapse, forming a mind-blowing shock wave that can kill or stun the poor crustacean that was unable to escape!

I have just been getting started editing videos using iMovie, so please excuse the amateur quality!


Want more? Here is a cool video by Nat Geo on the Mantis Shrimp.