Scuba in the Maldives – Post 5

Batfish Inside the Atoll

One of the nice things about diving on the inside was swimming with the Bat Fish. They are curiously social and love to swim next to divers to get a closer look, while many other species of fish tend to swim away and hide.

By the start of the second week of diving three times each day, some of the people aboard were not diving every time. For Lindsay and I the underlying drive to not miss anything was stronger than the desire to rest! I did, however, end up skipping one out of the 36 dives, so I could sleep in. Lindsay made every trip!

This video is from all three dives on the same day, which were are on the inside of an atoll, which means the conditions are calmer and the fish and creatures tend to be a bit smaller than when diving on the ocean side of a reef. Every time we dove this day, there were Bat Fish.