Swimming with Giants

Floating on the surface, bouncing around in the waves, I looked this way, then that way, and then twisted around to look behind me… ahah! Head down, paddle, paddle, paddle… shark!

I’d stop and watch, in the semi-silence of the muffled sounds below the surface of boat engines nearby, as a big, gaping white, toothless mouth slowly came towards me, like great yawning granny without her false teeth. Just when I started to become a tiny bit concerned that I’d get sucked in with the plankton, the giant changed its course ever so slightly and passed me by. The long, grey body speckled with white splodges gracefully slid by me, and even as the distinct pointed tale of a shark swished back and forth only inches away, we never touched.

There were several hundred Whale Sharks just swimming around and around, and back and forth… milling in the convergence of the currents rich with their favorite snack of plankton. Occasionally they would slither past each other, but generally the sharks maybe 40 feet in length would just gently swim by the boat. They were everywhere, surrounding the boat for about a quarter of a mile in every direction. Absolutely incredible!

Whale shark face

My impression of a whale shark feeding!! 🙂