The Future of Communication

We just received a satellite phone. It’s called the Iridium Go!, and it’s perfect for what we are doing. It’s a satellite router, essentially, that transmits a satellite connection via wifi to our smart phones, tablets and laptop computers. We pay $130 a month for unlimited data and 150 minutes of talk time.

Right now, the old satellites that orbit the Earth have very slow transmission rates, very slow and we must use special apps that send and receive tiny files of less than 10k. It will do for us for now to get updated weather files, send text or even update Twitter and Facebook with a small picture while at sea. However, SpaceX and Iridium are half way to launching the Iridium Next network of satellites with eventual speeds promised of over 1Mb. We will no longer need cellular phone towers in wide open spaces, just for inbetween buildings where we don’t have a clear view of the sky.

It’s the future of communication.

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