The Nature is in the Details

The Smoky Mountains National Park is big. Very big. Half a MILLION ACRES big. 

I don’t know about you, but I have trouble conceiving that. When I gaze 70 miles across the forest, it seems unreal. The details are lost in the vastness. 

When I look at something closely, I see and feel it in a way I can understand. For example, I saw this and just had to take a picture. 

When most people only take this type of picture, which is also good, but it’s not very creative. 

Just like when I took up underwater photography, I take pictures to see more. More color, more texture and more of the unseen detail versus what is seen with just the naked eye. 

I’m going to share a bunch of pictures that Lindsay and I took. 

Get a closer look. Enjoy the nature in the details.