Walk David. No, only one fish.

After the craziness of the New Years crowd, we went out on charter with a great family – the Zellers. David and Eileen, 19-year-old twins Trevor & Kellen, 16-year-old Chelsea, and not forgetting the bundle of fun and energy that is 10-year-old David.

S/V Stess

Sadly, in spite of the not-so-favorable weather, we had a load of fun… so much so that we don’t seem to have any photographic evidence of that week with the family (Zeller’s – we’d love to steal some of your pics for the blog!).

There was snorkelling… and fishing… swimming… and fishing… sailing… and fishing… diving… and fishing… of course, plenty of eating…. and fishing…. I think you’re catching on – little David was by far the most avid, not to mention successful fisherman we’ve had on board. And no overcast skies, strong winds, rolling waves or absence of light (yes! night fishing!) could deter him… the only thing that seemed to slow his enthusiasm was the number of electronic fish that appeared on Tadd’s fancy fishing watch that apparently tells you when the fish are eating in any part of the world by putting up between one and four little fish on the face.

We did the rounds and tried to forget the cool weather and dark clouds, while still enjoying the amazing sites of the outer Cays, as well as the taste of conch fritters and the many rounds of Uno and Taboo!

A jaunt back to the mainland allowed them to enjoy the wildlife Tadd and I had seen last fall in Monkey River.

And we still got in some great snorkeling and diving, including a snorkel on the old wreck off Hunting Cay.

Shipwreck of Hunting Cay in Belize

Anglefish at shipwreck in Belize