Week 22 Jon, Janine, Steve and Kendall

This was a really fun and HOT week. We all spent lots of time in the water either under the boat…

Or snorkeling like John and Janine did. We also managed to take four different scuba dives!

We went looking for whale sharks with our friend Polly, “Y0 ho, blow the man down…”

Then drinking and being silly. What did you just do John?

Steve tried to convince me that the Hermit Crab mother ship was coming to take me captive and torture me for my underwater crab racing technique.
No tan lines on Kendall or Janine this week.
Lindsay on the other hand, needs her fair skin covered from the sun, so the suit stays on….sorry Tadd.
I’m not sure how Lindsay and I survived this week, but I’m glad we did. We look forward to spending time with John and Janine, and Steve and Kendall again. Sometime soon we hope!