Week 23 Jimmy, Clovers, Steve and Dawn

Ending on a high note is key (cay).

It started innocently enough, with Dawn proclaiming that all she needed was more rum…..
Christine exclaiming that she needed all the water and that it’s too hot and to call her Chris.
And we were off to Laughing Bird Cay on our first full day together. Nice view, huh?

So Dawn was a good sport and used the melted ice out of the beer cooler to rinse her hair!
And then we forgot to take pictures during our fast, dark drive back to base, we were a bit busy saving a heart victim’s life. All of us helped a great deal, and our reward was that “those guys” decided against coming back out with us.

Heave Steve, let’s get outta here.
Shakin’ off the funk by doin’ the Trimmer! I’ve never seen that shade of sunburnt before.
Dinner at Polly’s was nice, we got to dress up a bit. What is that smell?
The beaches, sunsets and attitudes got better as the week progressed.
Jimmy and Klovers got some great scuba dives in. It fact we all were scuba divers this week, which was awesome. Jimmy was my hero when he dove for the mooring pin off Frank’s Cay. When we told Polly about it a couple of weeks later, she was very impressed he found it on his own. Lindsay and Klovers brought the mooring line back up after the dive. Way to go gang!
Apparently, this group loved their happy hour. Aren’t you guys ready for a shower yet, dinner’s almost ready!
Lindsay and I are so happy that you guys turned out to be our last charter with Tradewinds. We definitely ended on a high note. I’m glad the dog liked our leftover pork. Sorry you lost your undies, Jimmy! Peter made me pay for that bottle of rum, by the way! Hahaha!