Week 24 – Staying at Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve

Cockscomb Jaguar Jaunt

So our little adventure into the Cockscomb Nature Preserve started with a long overdue culling of some undersea creatures clinging under our dinghy. We’ll just let the air and sunshine to the dirty work, shall we? Crazy wriggly stuff under there! That’s about six months of growth!
After a short bus ride and an expensive taxi ride into the park, Lindsay and I were glad that we brought all of our own food with us. We didn’t want to pay that taxi fare again until going home! Then after a warm welcome by Orlando The Park Ranger and a brief introduction to our humble accommodations, we went on a short hike to the nearest waterfall.
With a helpful sign…………
And we were immediately refreshed in the cool, clean NOT salty water.
It had been weeks since we had felt this relief, and only by means of air conditioned sleeping.
Elevation has its benefits, doesn’t it?
Like this appealing trail that just begs to be discovered all over again.
Which leads to fantastic views of the Maya Mountains!
This truck was used when the vast area, now protected, was used for harvesting the mahogany trees.
After hiking the trails early morning and even late at night in search of wildlife. Alas the jaguars and gibnuts eluded us. We took to enjoying the inner tubes while floating down the Stann Creek River. We even went twice in one day.
We met Cassie from London and she joined us in our tubing and dining adventures.
And then Cassie got her second wildlife wish as a flock of Tucans flew overhead and across the river in front of us all. I’d never seen them before. Kinda funny how hard and fast they must flap their wings, in order to remain aloft with that enormous beak!
Even though we didn’t see loads of creatures, we had fun trying. I figure that the preserve is so large, and the area in which humans can walk down the trails is so small in comparison, that the large creatures don’t necessarily need to be near the trails so they pretty much stay away. Just a guess though.
We made a new friend in Cassie, we felt relief from the Belizean coastline heat, and we got a little satisfaction by getting our picture taken while sitting on a jaguar statue.
And oh, by the way, I ate stewed Gibnut with rice and beans when I got back to Placencia. Yummy.